Last Epoch Class Guide’ – condensed.


Last Epoch, the popular ARPG, offers players a thrilling and customizable gaming experience. With a wide range of classes, masteries, and playstyles, Last Epoch allows gamers to immerse themselves in a world on the brink of destruction. In this article, we will take a closer look at each of the five classes and their unique masteries, helping you make the right choice to embark on your epic journey. Choose wisely, my friends!

How Do Classes Work In Last Epoch?

When you first create your character, you’ll have the exciting task of choosing from five different classes. Each class has its own set of skills and passives that can be upgraded as you level up. But that’s not all! Once you reach a certain point in the game, you’ll be able to unlock one of three masteries specific to your chosen class. These masteries unlock new and exclusive abilities, essentially altering your playstyle. So, it’s important to make the right mastery choice, as there’s no going back once you’ve made your decision. Choose your class and mastery with care, for they will shape the destiny of your character and the world itself!

The Mage: Weaving Spells Like a Pro


The Mage, a ranged magic user, harnesses the powers of Fire, Cold, and Lightning to devastate enemies. With skills like Glacier, Volcanic Orb, and Lightning Blast, the Mage can freeze, burn, and electrocute foes with finesse. Utility skills such as Teleport and Snap Freeze add versatility to the Mage’s arsenal, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Sorcerer Mastery: Embrace the Elemental Fury

The Sorcerer, a long-range magic user, unleashes powerful spells that deal massive damage. The Sorcerer’s mastery skill, Meteor, summons a devastating meteor that obliterates enemies in its path. If you enjoy a burst style of gameplay with a focus on long-range spellcasting, the Sorcerer mastery is perfect for you.

Spellblade Mastery: Magic and Swordplay Combined

The Spellblade, a unique mastery of the Mage, seamlessly blends magic and swordplay. Armed with melee weapons, the Spellblade inflicts elemental damage while utilizing powerful AoE attacks like Shatter Strike. For those who crave the thrill of close-quarters combat with strong area-of-effect skills and high elemental defense, choosing the Spellblade mastery is a no-brainer.

Runemaster Mastery: Unleash the Power of Runes

The Runemaster is a master of crafting and casting runes. By using elemental skills, the Runemaster gains unique Runes that can be activated with Runic Invocation, resulting in devastating attacks. If you enjoy combo-focused gameplay and want to utilize all three elements of spells, the Runemaster mastery is your best bet.

The Rogue: Shadows and Daggers


The Rogue excels in both ranged and melee combat, wielding daggers, bows, and other stealthy weapons. With skills like Flurry, Shift, and Smoke Bomb, the Rogue combines agility and precision to vanquish foes in style.

Bladedancer Mastery: Dance of Deadly Blades

The Bladedancer, a melee-focused mastery of the Rogue, embraces a fast-paced, slash-and-dash gameplay. With powerful dual-wielding attacks, the Bladedancer’s mastery skill, Dancing Strikes, deals a series of lightning-fast dash attacks. If you desire a Rogue that is as deadly as they are agile, choose the Bladedancer mastery.






















The Lich, an Acolyte mastery, specializes in blood magic and possesses the unique ability to transform into a Reaper. As a Lich, you can siphon life from enemies with every strike, wielding both ranged magic and melee weapons. With debilitating auras and powerful self-sustain through lifesteal, the Lich is the epitome of self-reliance. If you prefer a playstyle that thrives on dark magic and self-sustainability, unleash your inner darkness and become a Lich.

Warlock Mastery: The Master of Dark Arts

The Warlock, a dark caster, excels in ranged magic attacks. The mastery skill, Chthonic Fissure, unleashes an area of effect attack that deals damage over time, while also releasing spirits to seek out and attack enemies. Through the use of curses and corruptions, the Warlock weakens foes while empowering their own assaults. If you relish the role of the ultimate dark magic spell caster, the Warlock mastery is the perfect choice for you.

The Sentinel: Sword and Board Heroics


The Sentinel, a traditional sword and board character, is a master of almost any weapon type. With Stout Shield in hand, the Sentinel can withstand any challenge, utilizing skills such as Shield Rush, Javelin, and Warpath to obliterate enemies.

Forge Guard Mastery: The Art of Defense and Offense

The Forge Guard greatly enhances the Sentinel’s defensive capabilities. With an innate increase to physical and fire damage reduction, the Forge Guard is a tanky class. Skills like Shield Throw and the mastery skill, Forge Strike, further amplify offense, allowing you to summon weapons on hit and create an army of fiery allies. If you desire a tanky Sentinel with an arsenal of both offensive and defensive options, look no further than the Forge Guard mastery.

Paladin Mastery: Holy Warrior of Light

The Paladin, a holy warrior mastery, allows the Sentinel to channel righteous powers against the forces of evil. The mastery skill, Holy Aura, grants a passive damage buff to nearby allies while temporarily doubling your stats upon activation. With healing abilities like Healing Hands and Sigils of Hope, the Paladin can also support and heal allies. The Paladin is the ideal choice for players who relish the role of a supportive buff and healing character, making them an excellent addition to any multiplayer party.

Void Knight Mastery: Embrace the Shadows

The Void Knight, a class corrupted by the void, possesses dark magic. With a 75% increase in void damage on melee attacks and the chance for repeated echoes, the Void Knight wields unrivaled power. The mastery skill, Erasing Strike, deals void damage in an area and creates void rifts upon defeating enemies. If you desire a Sentinel with access to dark magic and devastating area attacks, embrace the shadows and become a Void Knight.


Q:在选择专精后可以更改我的职业吗? A: 不行,一旦选择了专精,就不能更改职业或重新分配点数。一定要选择明智!

Q:专精如何影响游戏玩法? A: 专精解锁新的独家技能,彻底改变你的玩法风格。每种专精专注于不同的技能,并提供独特的机制,为无尽的定制和多样性提供可能。

Q:我可以在多人模式下玩《Last Epoch》吗? A: 是的,《Last Epoch》提供单人和多人选项,让你与朋友或其他玩家组队进行激烈的合作冒险。

Q:我可以重置我的技能树吗? A: 是的,在《Last Epoch》中,你可以重置你的技能树。你可以通过游戏中获得的特殊物品来退还单个点数或重置整个技能树。

Q:《Last Epoch》有不同的难度级别吗? A: 是的,《Last Epoch》提供不同的难度级别,提供具有挑战性的体验。随着游戏的进展,你可以解锁更高的难度级别,获得更丰厚的奖励和更大的挑战。

既然你已经全面了解了《Last Epoch》中的职业和专精,现在是时候踏上你的史诗冒险之旅了!明智地选择你的职业和专精,并拯救世界免于即将到来的厄运。你最期待尝试哪种职业和专精?在下方评论区告诉我们!


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